EDUCATION - Fly Fishing Presentations

fly fishing the texas coast presentation


A presentation on the particulars to fly fishing the Lone Star State’s dynamic nearshore saltwater: the species, the seasons, the locations, the gear and the tactics. 

45 to 60 minute presentation

simple skills for improved fly fishing success fly casting instruction

"Simple Skills for Improved Fly Fishing Success"

After 20+ years of instructing and watching thousands of anglers cast and fish I have consistently seen several things that almost all anglers do regularly that affect their fishing success.  Some of these things seem small but they can have big effects – especially if a few are combined together.  Maybe you only need to adjust one thing (congrats on being a skilled angler), or maybe you could use several of the improvements (welcome to the club). When notified of these issues anglers tend to have “ah-ha” moments: “Ah-ha, I didn’t know that I was doing that and that it was what was causing my problem” and “Ah-ha, I see how doing it the improved way fixed that problem”.  Some of the Simple Skills I will present are improvements or advancements to basic techniques, and some are the fixes to consistent problems I see anglers have.  These Simple Skills have improved my fishing, I know they will improve yours!

30 to 60 minute presentation