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Many anglers believe fly casting is part art, part science, and part spiritual experience.  I identify with all of those perceptions.  Casting a fly rod and fly line in a way that creates a quality loop and an accurate presentation of the fly - that is the science.  Manipulating the loop and presentation to suit the conditions and fishing style - that is the art.  And experiencing the take of a fish in the beauty of the elements as a result of the combination of art and science - that is the spiritual experience.  Learning to fly fish is a lifelong endeavor.  You will never know everything or be able to do everything - that is a big part of the wonderfulness of the sport: the continued challenge, variety and reward all along the way!

Wherever you are in your fly fishing journey - a first time fly caster, or a world-traveled advanced angler, or something in-between - my "land-based" instruction will help you progress faster and become a more successful angler.  I have over 20 years experience coaching fly fishers.  I have analyzed and worked with thousands of fly casters over the years.  I study and put myself in the company of even more experienced instructors so that I can continue to expand my skills as a teacher ... and this is so you will benefit from our time together.  

I would love to help you get started in the sport of fly fishing, or if you are already a fly fisher I look forward to helping you improve your skills as you continue to enjoy the sport.  

General Information on Fly Casting Lessons

Most of my clients do private lessons by-the-hour.  See below for information on the different types of lessons I do, private and group rates, and rates for multiple hours. 

I refer to my casting lessons as being "land-based" to distinguish them from the on-the-water instruction I do from my boat.  And while a great deal of the learning to fly cast and practicing of the skills is best done on the static surface of a grassy field, transitioning from fly casting to fly fishing requires the integration of water into the process.  Most of my lesson locations are open spaces adjacent to water for this purpose. 

I regularly offer instruction in these areas of Texas: Austin; Rockport/Aransas Pass/Port Aransas/Corpus Christi; and Houston.  I do travel to other areas of the state - please inquire.

Clients should dress to be outside and standing for extended periods of time (i.e. hat, sunglasses, comfortable shoes, jacket or sunscreen, and a beverage is recommended.) 

Lessons are weather dependent – high winds, uncomfortable temperatures, and thunderstorms mean a no-go.

Youth Clients

I enjoying working with young people that are interested and excited to learn about fly casting and fly fishing.  I tailor my instruction to match the age and abilities of the student: I shorten and simplify the instruction, and use games to help with skills development.  Age 10 is a good starting age and is about the youngest I work with.  Students under the age of 15 need to have a parent or responsible adult present during the entire lesson time. 

Equipment for Lessons

I will provide the equipment or you can bring your own. I recommend the use of 5, 6, 7, or 8 weight rod for lessons.  We will use my line and reel to cast on land so that you don't damage your line.  Please let me know what you intend to bring.  If you are needing instruction on other weights of rods, like a 10, 11, or 12 weight, but do not own one I have them available. 


Start your casting off right with a professionally instructed Beginner's Casting Lesson.  The skills I teach are the foundation for all the fly casting you will do going forward in the sport.  Advancing beyond the beginner level requires becoming proficient with these skills, then building upon them.

A beginner’s lesson is a minimum 2 hours and includes these topics and skills:

  • Introduction to the basic fly fishing equipment and how to properly assemble it
  • Casting fundamentals: what is a good and bad cast
  • Pick-up-and-lay-down (PULD) cast
  • False casting
  • Roll casting
  • Basic line management: stripping and shooting


I will help you cultivate your best casts with Diagnostics & Tune-Ups, Specific Skills instruction, and follow-up lessons and drills.  These types of lessons are usually 1 to 2 hours long, and often my clients will book multiple lessons to build their skills (see discounted volume rate below).  These services are beneficial to you if it has been a while since your last fly fishing outing or if you are venturing into "new water" and need new skills.

  • Diagnostics & Tune-Up: get help working out the kinks and improving on your technique
  • Specific Skills instruction: hauling ("double haul"); wind techniques; casting big flies or big rods; stream fishing techniques; and others
  • Follow-up lessons: stay on track with your skills; have structured practice with the aid of some of my creative drills and props


Teaching saltwater casting and fishing skills is my specialty.  As a passionate, experienced saltwater fly fisher and a licensed saltwater guide I am uniquely qualified to coach clients to success in this exciting and challenging environment.

The saltwater skill set I teach includes:

  • Casting efficiently with a tight, controlled loop
  • Achieving a high degree of accuracy
  • Increasing loop speed with a tight loop and hauling 
  • Increasing distance with accuracy
  • Wind techniques for wind from any direction
  • Saltwater style line management
  • The Saltwater Quick Cast
  • Presentation and fishing techniques for different species, flies styles and conditions

The above skills list represents about 6 hours of intensive instruction and practice.  I offer discounted volume rates to clients seeking to book multiple lessons - see below.

I also offer saltwater Guided Lessons from my boat; Saltwater Boot Camps that combine land-based instruction with a guided lesson; and Saltwater Workshops that are group multi-day schools that incorporate classroom, land-based and on-the-water instruction at a saltwater destination.


Private Instruction

For one client in the lesson.

  • $75 per private hour (2-hour lesson = $150)

Additional Casters

If there is to be more than one person in the lesson, I require that all casters be at the same experience level. 

  • An additional $25 per person per hour (i.e. 2 casters in a 2-hour lesson = $200 total) 
  • For instruction for 4 or more casters please contact me for additional information.  

Discounted Volume Rates

  • 4 Hours of Private Instruction: $270*
  • 6 Hours of Private Instruction: $400*
  • For additional clients, see the information above for the addition fee. 
  • *Price includes “volume” discount and requires full payment prior to or at the first lesson.


Payment by cash, check, PayPal or Venmo is preferred; payment with credit card is arranged prior to the lesson and will incur a 3% fee.